{Peggarita’s Favorita: Lobstah!}

My dad was raised among the lighthouses and beaches of Maine. I’ve lived on the Connecticut shoreline all my life. My husband and I have made many a summer trip to the Cape. You might say my love of lobster was inevitable – I call it destiny! Cold lobster salad, chunks heaped on a toasted roll drizzled in butter, baked with stuffing, piled high with clams and seaweed and cooked in a big hole on the beach – you tell me when and I’m there!

My first encounter with this curious crustacean was not love at first sight. My father could literally eat a dozen of those babies in a single afternoon. It was easy for him and his brothers. Uncle Myron was a lobsterman and he was a generous man. We had lobster races on the picnic table and I ran screaming when one crawled my way. That summer family trip to Camp, being the youngest of all the cousins, found me victim to the age old game of “open your mouth and close your eyes” by the eldest cousins. Their plan was simple – let’s gross out Peggy and see what happens. Let’s just say they were disappointed – and the days of my Dad having the lion’s share of the lobster were over. Destiny.

Last year my husband and I ventured to Woods Hole, Massachusetts for a weekend getaway. We stayed at the new renovated Woods Hole Inn (they deserve their own blog post another time). Beneath the Inn is Quick’s Hole, a fun and funky place meshing a Baja California surfer hangout with a New England Clam Shack. Enter the Wicked Fresh Lobster Taco. Cool and fresh, flavorful and perfect! Add a summer lager and there you have it – Destiny.

The foodie in me will be creating my own version this summer and many summers to come, but I just might have to take a little trip to Woods Hole, we’ll call it research.

Some photos for you!

On my kitchen table!

On my kitchen table!

Photo Credit: http://www.quicksholewickedfresh.com/
Photo Credit: http://www.quicksholewickedfresh.com/

K&K cape


{Photos of the Week}: Donating Flowers to Local Retirement Home

Sharing their special day with friends they never met…

Tania and Neil were married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard on Friday May 25th. At our first meeting with this lovely couple, Tania asked a favor of Gourmet Galley; she hoped that after the wedding we would help distribute all of the centerpieces to a local Nursing Home. Our reply? OF COURSE! What an amazing idea.

Designed by Jessica, from Flora Flora, the beautiful centerpieces were a trio of mason jars, filled with White Peonies, Fresh Lavender and sprigs of various other greens. So, at the end of the reception, our crew gently packed the arrangements into the back of Karen’s car, for the ride to Beechwood Manor in New London. Karen, the coordinator for the night, was asked to select the home to which the flowers would be donated; she chose Beechwood Manor, as it holds a special place in her heart after her grandmother was a patient there many years ago and more recently, her mother-in-law was there for a short stay after surgery.

{From Karen…}

With my son Nico as my helper, Tania and Neil’s centerpieces filled each patients room with joy.  It was such a touching experience.

First we met Sandy: she was OVERJOYED at the site of the Peonies – her favorite. She told us about her garden at home and since she isn’t home to enjoy her own Peonies, she was just thrilled!

One patient that didn’t speak, just reached out her hand to me and held it to say “thank you”.

Rose and Lucy were also so touched and wanted to hear where the flowers came from. When we told them, they wanted to hear all about the wedding, too!

Many patients wished Tania and Neil many years of happiness. And we wish them the same.

Special thanks, Tania and Neil!

{Photo of the Week}: Earth Day Celebration with Herbs!

Yesterday was Earth Day. Did you celebrate this wonderful planet on which we live? I’m guessing no. It was raining out a good majority of the day {in Connecticut, anyhow} and that makes it tough to embrace this wonderfully green holiday! But, we used the day to think about our herb garden that we’re planning here at our new property. So, here are some photos with inspiration – some for small spaces and some for large!

{Photo of the Week}: Black Tea Cake!

We were chatting about brunch ideas the other day. You know, Spring is just around the corner; so, it’s time for bridal showers and post-wedding brunches. And I am even working with a bride and groom who are planning a wedding brunch (the menu is SO fabulous)!

So, with Spring and brunch food (and with that comes tea) on the mind, today’s photo is dedicated to BRUNCH (if you come back later in the week, there may be more brunch on our minds, hint hint). This Black Tea Cake with Strawberry Tea Jam looks (and looks like it tastes) DARLING.

{Photo of the Week}: Team Building Gourmet Galley Style

Since we here at Gourmet Galley love ♥ love ♥ love ♥ celebrating everything, we decided to celebrate a little ourselves while developing some new and exciting additions to our 2012 menus. The CHALLENGE. . . to research, prepare and execute a never-before-seen-in-the-GOURMET-GALLEY-kitchen dish to share with the group. The RESULT. . . some amazing new flavors from both our culinary staff AND our office peeps. It was a pretty impressive showing from both groups, but the favorite – a complete shout out from the obvious underdogs – was the amazing (and should win us some awards this season) Fleur de Sel Caramel Chocolate Mousse created by none other than our equally amazing office manager, PEGGY!! It was the most mouthwatering, buttery, creamy bite of heaven, and we are all chomping at the bit to put it on our up-and-coming menus. Nice job Peggy!

Fleur de Sel Caramel Chocolate Mousse


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{Photo of the Week}: English Garden Themed Lunch Anyone?

We’re trying to escape this cold weather here for a minute. Just a minute [because with the holidays right around the corner, cold weather really does seem only right].

We were poking around at some of our regular blogs this morning and came across and English Garden photo shoot on Ruffled.

Let us just tell you: we would not mind serving a meal to the guests sitting at this GORGEOUSLY set table.

Check out RuffledBlog for the full photo shoot!