We Love Letterpress & Calligraphy!

We are all about the food at Gourmet Galley, but it doesn’t stop there. If you pop by our office you are likely to find us gushing over a new decor idea or pictures from a recent event or wedding. By far, one of our favorites is great paper!

Wedding invitations are the first thing that your guests will see of your wedding. From the moment they open the invitation (whatever shape or size it may be) they are getting a glimpse of what is to come.

By Bridget Banta at Pea Bee Press

By Bridget Banta at Pea Bee Press

We had the pleasure of working with Bridget Banta at Pea Bee Press, Aunt of our newlyweds Ashley & Mike Gallagher.These letterpress designs are not only gorgeous, but truly captured Ashley and Mike’s style. Bridget’s Calligraphy is also unique and fluid. The beautiful characters giving a handmade, loving touch to the wedding.
jess 2
If you decide to venture over to Pea Bee Press make sure to tell Bridget that we said hi!

{Vendors Vendors Vendors}: 100 Layer Cake and Etsy for Wedding Items

Albeit an amazingly important, planned-all-your-life {at least for you brides}, fun, memories-making day, you don’t need to spend an ARM and a LEG to create the wedding of your dreams. There are places and websites to buy decor, fashion, and even catering {cake stands and such} items on a budget to OOMPH up every aspect of your wedding. Make sure you check out places like Etsy and 100 Layer Cake for deals on handmade, used and vintage items!

A simple search on Etsy for ‘Silverware’ brought up a myriad of different items. Awesome items, at that. Here are a few…

1. Silverware Bracelets for your Bridal Party as seen here.

2. ‘Spread Love’ cheese knives for your stationary table. Too Cute {and we would gladly use these for you}!











3. Mr. and Mrs. Flatware {with a ‘Just Married Spoon} for the day of!

4. Burlap flatware holders will surely dress up your table.








Etsy has so much more, though, too. There are table numbers and invitations made to order; there are handmade dresses and veils and flowers for your hair and ring cushions. And, and, I could go on for days.

100 Layer Cake. Very different in style. A great resource, nonetheless. Here, in their Marketplace, you can purchase items being sold by former brides. What do all of those other brides do with the runners that they purchased just for their wedding…do they really need 15 yellow and white runners? They don’t. So, they sell them on 100 Layer Cake.

Take a looksee.

1. 150 Vintage Bottles for your DIY centerpieces.









2. Gowns from $475+

3. Milk Glass Bud Vases

4. Yellow and White Runners and Table Toppers









Anywho…you all get the point, right? Use your resources! Wisely. It will definitely pay off!




{Vendor Spotlight}: Tony Palmieri of Datura: A Modern Garden

I have to tell you, we were already excited to be sharing, with you, a feature on Tony Palmieri, of Datura: A Modern Garden, but, after reading his answers and peeking at his GORGEOUS arrangements [as well as non-conventional floral designs] in the photos he sent over, I am pretty much giddy with excitement over this one. Don’t stop reading…if you want to see some beautiful art. Well, and learn about a very interesting and certainly creative guy!

[GG]: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional florist?

[Tony]: Nope. I’ve always been creative and was very lucky to grow up in a family of artists who encouraged me to explore different mediums – graphic design, drawing, sculpture, music, cooking, writing, theater.

[GG]: How did you get into the business?

[Tony]: Completely by accident. I took a part-time job delivering flowers, which I did for 6 years before I even contemplated picking up a knife and designing. I was resistant to the idea at first, but as soon as I started I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing. There’s an intuitive quality to using nature as a tool – each flower is different, from the way a stem bends to the way a bloom chooses to open. Once I realized that floral design is a mode of sculpture, I was able to see the work in a new way and bring elements from other mediums to the design process.

Photo by Jagstudios

[GG]: How long have you been in business and how did your current venture start?

[Tony]: If you count the 6 years I spent delivering flowers, I’ve been in the industry for 26 years. I purchased the shop I worked at in 1993, moved its location, changed its name and, in 2008, closed the retail shop to focus on weddings and events only.
[GG]: Where do you draw inspiration from?

[Tony]: Everywhere – fashion, architecture, furniture, music – but mostly from nature. There is a harmony to the imperfection of nature that I strive to achieve in the work that I do. There is beauty everywhere, in the smallest details – the underside of a leaf, the gnarled roots of a tree – these are the things that catch my attention. Artists who inspire me include Alexander McQueen, Salvador Dali, Hitomi Gilliam, Andy Goldsworthy, Tom Waits, Isabella Rossellini, my kids, Holden and Caleb – and my wife Aryn, who shows me every day that life IS art.

Photo by Sarah Code-Krall

[GG]: What is your favorite type of couple and venue to work with?

[Tony]: I love working with couples who have a clear idea of the feel of their event, but whose minds are open to unusual ways to achieve their vision. I love when a couple gives me some creative leeway so I can create work that inspires me. As far as venues – I love them all. I love taking a blank space and completely transforming it AND I love taking a venue with lots of personality and enhancing the look that is already present. My aesthetic tends to lean toward a more contemporary look, but I still fall in love with classic looks in the right space.

[GG]: What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve worked at and why?

[Tony]: It’s a real toss-up for me between Paul and Krystal (of StudioFoto)’s gorgeous outdoor wedding last October and Nichole and Tim (of Coral Pheasant)’s incredible Rhode Island wedding. In both cases, it was the details that the couples provided – the love and bits of themselves that they added to the day that put the weddings over the edge. They each had a solid vision before I became involved, yet they gave me room to interpret that vision. It is this customized and personal feel that I try to bring to the florals for all the weddings I design – I want guests to walk away thinking that the wedding felt as though the couple had designed everything themselves – that it was a true reflection of them.

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

[GG]: What’s your favorite moment of a wedding to design florals for?

[Tony]: I love ceremonies. I love bouquets in particular – the bouquet, for me, is an opportunity not only to complement a particular dress, veil, etc., but to capture a bit of a Bride’s personality – it’s often the first bit of floral that guests will see and sets the tone for the entire event. Of course, I also love to see a reception room finished, candles lit, mood achieved.

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

[GG]: Favorite Non-Wedding Floral Occasion/Arrangement?

[Tony]: What I miss most about having a retail shop is designing sympathy flowers – as with weddings, there is real emotion attached to designing for funerals and memorials…It’s an honor to be trusted with this sort of work.

[GG]: How would you describe your creative process?

[Tony]: I’m an in-the-moment designer. Of course, a good deal of planning goes into the process – meeting with couples, spending time getting to know them, creating mock-ups of centerpieces – all of the usual things, but once the flowers are in my hands, inspiration often takes me in unexpected directions. As with any creative process, I strive to tap into the flux, the river of creative energy to which we all contribute and therefore is always flowing and changing.

Photo by Katie Slater

[GG]: What are the three flowers that you would say best describes yourself and your style?

[Tony]: Oooh. Tough question. I love orchids, all varieties, for their adaptability and range. I love foliages of all kinds for the same reasons – they are the unsung heroes of floral design. And branches for their gnarled and twisted qualities. I have to say, though, that my favorite flower of all time is the standard yellow daffodil. They smell like spring and rebirth.

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Many of these photos are from Tony’s Flowers as Fashion project. Visit his blog, to see more images!

To contact A Modern Garden…

Your Website/Blog: www.amoderngarden.com

Best way for Clients/Vendors to contact you:  email or telephone

E-mail: tony@amoderngarden.com

Phone: 860.346.8031

{Vendor Spotlight}: Carla Ten Eyck, Hartford CT Wedding Photographer

We’re back with another FABULOUS photographer. This one is witty and has loads of energy and we are CERTAIN her personality will make you feel completely at ease on your wedding day – because we all know it can be a little uncomfortable having your picture taken, all day (for some of us anyways). Meet Carla Ten Eyck!

[GG]: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional photographer?

[Carla]: I sure did, since as far back as I can remember!

[GG]: How did you get into the business?

[Carla]: I had an amazing mentor at The Hartford Courant who just kept me pointed in the right direction and helped me apply to the right school, (RIT) and subsequent photography programs while there. Once I saw that you could have a career doing something you love it became a no-brainer for me.

[GG]: How long have you been in business and how did your current venture start?

[Carla]: I have been photographing weddings professionally for 9 years. It started the way many other pro’s start- shooting at a friends wedding, getting positive feedback and then slowly taking on weddings. After doing a good job on my first wedding things just snowballed from there- I haven’t had time to even sit and look back… until now… WOW.

[GG]: Where do you draw inspiration from?

[Carla]: Everything. Light, color, texture, subject. You name it and I can find something cool about it that will inspire me!

[GG]: What is your favorite spot to shoot in the area? 

[Carla]: I have so many…! The Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park in Waterford is an easy favorite- The New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven and The Gershon Fox Room and Society Room in Hartford are all top of my list! Although…nothing beats a tented wedding on a private residence either…

[GG]: What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve worked at and why?

[Carla]: When I worked on my 10 year wedding anniversary at the Society Room of Hartford a few years ago. I just had to take this wedding- the bride and I had so many big things in common. I cried during our initial meeting and it was game on from here on out. We are still close friends today!
[GG]: What’s your favorite moment of a wedding to photograph?

[Carla]: Any moment that elicits a true, real emotional response!

[GG]: Favorite Non-wedding thing to photograph?

[Carla]: Easy: my kids! My son Jackson is 9 and my daughter Georgie is 7 they are hams deluxe and love being my subjects!

[GG]: How would you describe your creative process?

[Carla]: I look for something to become inspired by- my couple, the light, color, texture- it can be anything! Then I just roll with it! I love responding to what’s given to me and then seeing how me and my camera responding to it can turn into something fun.

[GG]: What is one (or more) word you would use to BEST describe yourself?

[Carla]: Passionate and alarmingly pretty! OK, ok… colorful!

[GG]: What’s one of your favorite songs?

[Carla]: Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles and Summertime by The Fresh Prince!

To contact Carla…

Website/Blog: carlateneyck.com

Best way for Clients/Vendors to contact you:  via the site- carlateneyck.com

E-mail: info@carlateneyck.com

Phone: 860-906-1993

Thanks for an entertaining and interesting interview, Carla!

Vendor Spotlight: Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events, Cheshire, CT

Candice and her team at Jubilee Events are a DREAM to work with. They don’t miss a detail and we just adore working with them. So, when we had the chance to feature Candice on the blog, well, we were just thrilled. Any bride and groom would be in good hands with these gals…Read Candice’s interview below.

[GG]: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional in the wedding business?

[Candice]: This is a great question! The wedding industry has really evolved over the last decade and I have to admit: I never pictured myself here! Although, when I began to figure out my path 4/5 years ago it did lead me to this very spot.

[GG]: How did you get into the business?

[Candice]: I was working in an industry/field that had nothing to do with any of my passions, education, or background. I went to school for Art and had dreams of working in the interior design / design industry. One day I just decided that I was going to chase after my career dreams and started to explore the events industry. The rest is history!

[GG]: How long have you been in business and how did your current venture start?

[Candice]: I’ve been in business since late 2007.

[GG]: Where do you draw inspiration from?

[Candice]: Everywhere—everything! I would say I’m mostly inspired by fashion, textiles, art/photography, and people. Some of my favorite go-tos are fashion blogs, VOGUE, Vanity Fair, and Elle Décor.

[GG]: What is your favorite spot to work in the area?

[Candice]: This is such a hard question to answer! Connecticut and New England has so many gorgeous locations that I love for different reasons. I would have to say my favorite spot is the Old State House—for purely sentimental and selfish reasons. It’s where I was married and I just absolutely ADORE that space. It’s gorgeous, clean, bright, and has a wonderful historic element.

[GG]: What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve worked at and why?

[Candice]: This is also a tough question to answer—every wedding we work on is memorable! I tend to develop such a personal relationship with my clients that exists even after their wedding day, so every wedding I work is like being with family.

[GG]: What’s your favorite moment of a wedding?

[Candice]: I have two favorite moments—my first is just before the bride walks down the aisle and the history of their relationship and planning all culminates as soon as her song begins and the guests rise from their seats. It’s such a magical, amazing, emotional and riveting moment. I feel so lucky to get to stand back with a woman and her father just as she’s ready to enter a new chapter in her life! My second most favorite moment is just as the bride and groom are introduced into their reception. I’m usually with them hiding around a corner or in an area where their guests can’t see them. I get to watch them burst into the room with their family and friends cheering, clapping, and smiling. It’s a pretty awesome vantage point!

[GG]: How would you describe your creative process with your clients?

[Candice]: Art school taught me to be collaborative and diversified in my creative relationships—and I’ve brought that into the process in which clients and I work together on the aesthetic of their event. We always begin with a point of inspiration—a word, picture, person, song, or thing that starts the gears turning. For a wedding, two major elements of inspiration are always the location for the ceremony and reception and the fashion for the day. I’m largely influenced by what a couple is going to wear.

The best part about the creative process is it’s ever evolving and manifests as we go. We start with an idea and then let natures creative direction take it’s course!


[GG]: What is one (or more) word you would use to BEST describe yourself?

[Candice]: Diverse! I like to think that I’m a little bit of a lot of things. J


[GG]: What three objects would best describe your personality and style?

[Candice]: kate spade, j.crew and Chanel. That’s me in three fashion words.


To contact Jubilee Events:

http://www.eventjubilee.com | http://www.eventjubilee.com/blog

E-mail: Candice@eventjubilee.com

Phone: 203-632-5654


Photography on the images are by Carla Ten Eyck  and Orchard Cove Photography.

Vendor Spotlight: Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore, Clinton, Bridal Boutique, Clinton, CT

We are switching things up a bit here, lovely readers. For all of you brides out there, this week we have a different type of vendor. We’re showcasing Beth Chapman, owner of The White Dress by the Shore, a bridal boutique in Clinton, which offers WAY more than just a day of shopping, lace and frill.

Read below to learn about Beth’s mission; how she got into fashion [and more specifically, bridal fashion]; and what White Dress is all about!

[GG]: How did you get into the wedding dress business? Did you always know you wanted to be involved in the fashion industry?

[Beth]:  My history with fashion goes WAY back to my high school days. I have always worked in retail.  I was hired by Ann Taylor’s corporate office in Manhattan out of college. I worked my way up in the company and by the time that I left, I was the Vice President of Merchandising for their Dresses, Suits, Career Separates and Special Occasion Division.

I have always loved fashion and have always had a special place in my heart for bridal. I do feel that I was destined to be a bridal boutique owner!

[GG]: How do you, at The White Dress by the Shore, create an experience (rather than just a day of shopping) for the bride?

[Beth]: At The White Dress by the shore, it is ALL about the experience.  I situated my boutique in an antique house because I wanted my brides to feel at home here. The exposed beams, hardwood floors and stone fireplaces, all add to the enchanting ambiance.   We are by appointment so that each bride and her guests have our undivided attention.  Our brides have dedicated stylists who work with them to create the perfect look to match their vision. Our guests are served beverages and are seated in quaint, private seating areas – all to ensure an intimate experience.

[GG]: What differentiates your store from other bridal boutiques?

[Beth]:  We take pride in the appearance of our store and the level of service that we provide our clients.  We go above and beyond in every interaction with the bride- whether it is in person or on the phone- to ensure that they are receiving the highest level of service.  We offer unique services, like a dressing service on the day of the wedding and White Carpet Appointments- where a bride and her guests are the only ones in the store and are treated to a photographer, catered treats and a bridal bouquet in the colors of their wedding- that help to differentiate us from our competitors.

Every single one of my employees- from my sales associates to my seamstresses- love what they do and love working with brides! I think that passion is reflected in how we treat our clients.

[GG]: What are some characteristics that help you determine a bride’s style?

[Beth]:  A stylist visits with the bride at the beginning of her appointment and inquires about the level of the formality of the wedding, the time of day and location of the reception so that we can be sure that the gown matches where and when she is getting married.  We ask the bride about her vision for her day- what styles she has admired and the physical traits that she want to highlight.  We also appreciate that our brides trust us to select styles that they might not have initially been attracted to on the hanger.  Our trained stylist often immediately can identify the perfect dress for their client just by their initial conversation and getting to understand the personal style of the bride.

[GG]: Can you tell us your top five style tips for brides and their wedding parties?


  1. Select attire that reflects your own personal style.  Your wedding day is not the time to make an over-the-top fashion statement!
  2. Be sure to select the correct undergarments.  The foundations that you select directly affect the fit of your dress.  Side note:  be sure to visit beneath the gown, a foundation boutique located within our store!
  3. Be sure to accessorize your gown/bridesmaid dress.  Great accessories are the icing on the cake!
  4. If you are looking to add color to your attire, it does not have to come from the dress itself. It is fun to play with colorful accessories and highlight the accent color of your wedding in your attendants shoe or jewelry!
  5. Be sure to select a gown that compliments your body shape.  The days of having all of your maids wear the same silhouette (or color for that matter) are gone!  If your party incorporates all shapes and sizes, allow your maids to select the dress that best compliments their silhouette.

[GG]: How do you actually choose a timeless wedding dress? Is there such a thing?

[Beth]: A timeless style is one that is classic and does not reflect the current trends.  Generally an aline or ball skirt with classic details or lace are considered timeless.  I also think a simple chapel length veil is oh so timeless and elegant!

[GG]: Trends that you’re happy to see go?

[Beth]: I am happy to see pick-up skirts and colored sashes pass us by!

[GG]: Trends that you’d love to see return?

[Beth]: Sleeves! I love a gown with a sleeve! Sleeves are timeless and elegant.

I also adore gloves with gowns. It is such a lady-like look that I would love to make resurgence.

I would also love to see guests at weddings wearing hats and fascinators. Wearing a hat to a wedding is so feminine and proper…I would love to see that trend re-emerge!

[GG]: A more personal question: What was your wedding dress experience like when you got married? Did this experience help shape the way that you manage your store?

[Beth]: While working at Ann Taylor I became engaged and of course wanted to shop right away for my gown!  My mother was living in Madison and I wanted to shop with her along the Connecticut shoreline, but there were no boutiques that mirrored my taste level.  We shopped quite a bit in New York where I was living and I found my experience lack-luster.  I found the gowns to be dirty, the associates to be rude and I of course being a merchandiser wanted to customize all of the gowns that I tried on, and that was frowned upon by the store that I visited.  Ultimately, through my connections in the industry, was able to have a gown designed and fit for me by renowned designer Carmela Sutera.  My experience with her was intimate, personal and memorable…everything that I dreamed my gown shopping experience to be.

That experience inspired me to create my own bridal boutique that provided brides with everything that I dreamed of when I shopped for a gown…8 years later, here we are!

To contact…

The White Dress by the Shore
104 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413
860.669.4596 by appointment



Vendor Spotlight: Joshua Behan Photography

We talked with Josh Behan (and his wife Amanda), as part of our Vendor Spotlight series, this past week. So, we have some entertaining information to share with you, from a very special guy (he holds a special place in our heart after spending the day with us, shooting a ‘day in the life’ series last Fall).


[GG]: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional photographer?
[Josh]: No, I actually had a roommate in Hawaii who was into photography.  A friend from work had given me a camera, and Hawaii seemed like as good a place to learn (and live) as any.
[Amanda]: Not at all. I was a studio art major in college (URI/University of Hawaii). After we got married, I started working with Josh on the business.

[GG]: How did you get into the business?
[Josh]: I shot my first wedding when friends (Lauren & Don) hired me to shoot theirs at a house on the beach in Watch Hill.  Amanda & I rented the same house for our own wedding a few years later.  Once I moved home from Hawaii for good, I started second shooting regularly for a studio in Massachusetts.  Luckily, they let their shooters use the photos for our own portfolios, so I started my first website.

photo by Amanda

[GG]: Where do you draw inspiration from?
[Josh]: We really enjoy getting to know our couples, and seeing how much they love what we do.  It’s a gratifying feeling.  I’m (Josh) also inspired by any movie Wes Anderson makes, I think they’re interesting in every way possible.

photo by Josh

[GG]: What is your favorite spot to shoot in the area?
[Josh]: We honestly don’t have one.  There are interesting photos to find everywhere.  That being said, shooting outdoor events is fun, and we’re lucky to work quite a bit with some local vineyards (Jonathan Edwards and Saltwater Farm).

photo by Josh

[GG]: What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve worked at and why?
[Josh]: For me, it was the wedding of our very good friends Stephanie & Colin in Colorado.  Ten of us flew in from RI, rented an RV in Denver, and drove it 4 hours to the wedding.  I photographed the wedding while Amanda was in the bridal party.  We all spent fourth of July weekend together on the ranch where the wedding took place.  Their engagement session in Nicaragua was memorable too.

[GG]: What’s your favorite moment of a wedding to photograph? Favorite non-wedding thing to photograph?
[Amanda]: The moments right before the bride walks down the aisle.

photo by Amanda

[Josh]: I really like shooting any unexpected moments I see.  I also think it’s nice to see grandparents holding hands at weddings. As for non-wedding, I love shooting travel and street photography, and our dog when she lets me.

photo by Josh

[GG]: What is one word you would use to BEST describe yourself?
[Amanda]: curious
[Josh]: even

[GG]: What’s one of your favorite songs?
[Amanda]: Lately, anything by The Tallest Man on Earth, and most of what comes to the Zee Avi Pandora station.
[Josh]: I’ve been really into Neil Young’s Live at Massey Hall album, and standup comedy stations on Pandora.

To contact Josh and Amanda…

Wedding Site: http://www.joshuabehanweddings.com
Blog: http://www.joshuabehanblog.com
Travel Site: http://www.behanimages.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joshua-Behan-Photography/ 45049297366  

Vendor Spotlight: Hana Floral Design and Boutique, Mystic, CT

Hey there, folks!

We’re back with another FABULOUS spotlight. This time, on one of our favorite floral designers. And after reading her answers, we fell more in love! Some of the photos below illustrate weddings at which we’ve collaborated. Yumiko Fletcher, of Hana Floral Design, is always a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her work to anyone, anywhere.

Hope you enjoy her answers…(we sure did)!

[GG]:  Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional florist?
[YF]: Nope!  I started out aspiring to be an opera singer!!!  I went to college for Vocal Performance at the Benjamin T Rome School of Music at Catholic U.  (Washington DC)

[GG]: How did you get into the business?
[YF]: Actually, a tragedy caused me to switch gears in life.  My mom passed away unexpectedly in early 2001 and it made me re-think of my goals in life.   It really was the catalyst for change and got me back into a creative field.  I took some time off and a few months later, took a job in a flower shop!

Photo by Justin Marantz

[GG]: How long have you been in business and how did your current venture start?
[YF]: Hana has been in business since 2004.  Prior to that, I had worked for a short time with a partner under a different name, and two years of working at flower shops before that.

[GG]: What is your favorite type of couple and venue to work with?
[YF]: Well, I really love a bride who loves us!  That’s the best.  And that bride is usually detail oriented but still somewhat laid back and has a combo of “classic/vintage/modern” taste.   They are willing to trust us to create something fabulous for them!

As far as venue~ We love going to new places, we like to travel but we also adore our local venues, like Saltwater Farm, Eolia Mansion, J Edwards, and one of my personal faves is Elihu Island in Stonington.

Anna Sawin Photography

[GG]: What’s your favorite moment of a wedding to design florals for?
[YF]: Definitely the bridal bouquet and bouquets in general.  Handing my bride her bouquet is the moment for me usually.   The reaction says it all and makes my day.

Anna Sawin Photography

Snap Photography

[GG]:  Favorite Non-Wedding Floral Occasion/Arrangement?
[YF]: Here at Hana, we make gorgeous holiday wreaths! They are hand clamped, which means we mix the greens, not just use a pre-made wreath and decorate it.  I love the holidays as far as florals go but it’s still second to weddings!

[GG]: How would you describe your creative process?
[YF]: I usually meet the bride personally and we go through the entire wedding so I can get as many details down as possible.  I love to see the dress she picked as well as anything else involved ~ linens, maid’s dresses, any ideas that tell the whole story. Then I draw up a detailed proposal, maybe make a sample centerpiece and then I get going on ordering!

We try not to do anything exactly the same even if a bride loves something we’ve already done.

[GG]: What are the three flowers that you would say best describes yourself and your style?
[YF]: Oh coral charm peony for sure, possibly the phaleonopsis orchid for a little ‘exotic’ and I just love gardenias for their classic beauty and the most amazing scent.


Justin Marantz

Iris Photography

To contact Hana Floral…
Website/Blog: www.hanafloraldesign.com  &  www.hanafloraldesign.com/blog
Best way for Clients/Vendors to contact you:  email really is best.
E-mail: yumiko@hanafloraldesign.com
Phone: 860.572.2929