Locally Curated Welcome Bags

Hello GG friends & Happy Spring! Today we are showing our GG love for some of our favorite local businesses. It’s getting to be that time where couples begin to delve into the smaller details on their to-do list; things like ordering that pretty gown hanger, finalizing the (finicky) escort card display, and maybe, pulling together welcome bags for out-of-town guests. Dare we share our two cents on the topic? Here is our local low-down, comment below with your own shout-outs!

Let’s start with a custom bag, something reusable because we’re into the whole “sustainable thing,” and who doesn’t love a handy tote? Our go-to screen print shop? POORMORGAN located within the heart of the Velvet Mill, of course! They’re environmentally friendly too, and we like that! You’re “Totes Getting Married” so this just makes perfect sense.


Speaking of the Velvet Mill, why not dream up a custom treat and pop it in your welcome bag with a little help from the Zest crew? Co-Owner, Gabriella loves details! She’ll have you talking through all of yours to come up with the perfect confection! Let your guests decide if they could use a sweet little pick-me-up before or after wedding festivities. We promise they’ll be by the bakeshop while they’re still in town to see what else is in Zest’s case. Zest sources local too, score for a double win!


Traveling, hotel water, and, oh yeah, all of those cocktails can really take a toll… on your skin. Dehydration creeps up on you, you know what we’re talking about! Pamper your guests by including one of Firefly Farms new Lotion Bars and support a local farmer. They are certified humane and that’s pretty cool if you ask us. (“Spread the Love” label, anyone?)


Show your guests around, give them their very own private Tour de Mystic Country with a custom map of all your favorite places; thoughtfully crafted by KRUSH Graphics. Our friend Kimberly is the creative soul behind KRUSH and her beautiful work can be found throughout the area. She’s also the brain behind a locavore movement branded as Support Local (for IG users: #ShopSupportLocal and #LocalStateofMind), because she thinks Local Matters and we do too. Be sure to click over to her online shop, a portion of every purchase goes to, you guessed it, local farmers.

***Places to highlight on your map: area vineyards and/or breweries, breakfast spots like Rise or M/Bar, brunch spots like Oyster Club or Red 36, hot spots like Engine Room for drinks and nightlife, and don’t forget our beloved Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream shop! Know what else tote bags are great for? Collecting seashells! Send them to Napa Tree Point for a beach walk and maybe they’ll catch one of those stunning Watch Hill sunsets.

KRUSHgraphics_map menu

Since you’re featuring a vineyard or two, why not add a CT Wine Trail Passport and a bottle to the mix? Top it with a tag that suggests a BYOB. For instance, “Take me to Ford’s Lobster,” since there’s no better spot to stop for some seriously good New England fare on the water, and to soak in those coastal views.  Your guests will thank you, just look at that lobster risotto!


You can never have too many good old fashioned bottle openers or wine keys. We love the selection at MW Coastal Goods.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.37.37 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.42.33 PM

You are tying the knot after all… so of course you need to include some Mystic Knotwork! We love these nautical ornaments for the simple fact that they will bring back fond memories of your celebration for years to come.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.27.24 PM

Before they bid adieu, help your guests get back on the road with a proper caffeine fix… a small gift certificate to Sift as a final token of thanks for sharing in your special day. They won’t make it out of there without something sweet or savory to go with that cup of java.


Last but not least, stop by the Eastern Chamber of Commerce and pick up some tourist pamphlets to Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport, and other area attractions personalized to the recipient’s interests.

Although our list could go on and on, our hope is that YOU will share your own ideas and inspiration right here in the comments. Let’s engage! Xo




PS: RESQWATER might not be local but it certainly does the trick after a night of celebrating, grab a case and tuck one for each guest into your locally curated welcome bag.

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